In general, sources of information have been acknowledged as this book progressed.  The writer’s gratitude is also due to the following and is most readily tendered herewith.


  • The Archivist and the Staff at the Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Park, Dublin for their great courtesy and help­fulness during the author’s research into Booterstown and Carysfort Parochial “past”.
  • Alison Galbraith, who typed the manuscript so excellently and contributed greatly to the final production.
  • Jack Reid, Ken and Stephen Maher for their ready technical assistance in the preparation of the book for publication.
  • Sean O’Maonaigh and Peter Knaggs for some of the photographs used.
  • Lastly, to my Rector, Rev. Osborne Barr and my colleagues on the 1983/1984 Booterstown Select Vestry for their encouragement in the undertaking of this history.




January, 1984.

Kathleen Louden at the organ of the Parish Church.

Embattled Tower and Crocheted Pinnacles. . . . “

John Lombard (Incumbent 1874 to 1892)

Osborne Barr, Rector of the united Parish of Booterstown and Carysfort.

An architect’s sketch of the 1876 “Lombard” extension to Booterstown Church.

The “Lombard” pulpit and memorial cross by Oisín Kelly.


Booterstown National School