Our Parishes

The Parishes of Booterstown and Carysfort with Mount Merrion strive to be a caring Christian community, where people feel accepted, and that they belong, and where they have the opportunity to experience God’s love, and to grow in their relationship with him.  Our hope is that when people come to either of our churches, that they feel that they are a part of our parish family.

In our services and the activities that go on in our parishes and in our parish school, we want people to feel valued and cherished, to have self-esteem and self-worth, as precious individuals who are loved by God.

We are a Church of Ireland (ireland.anglican.org) group of parishes in the Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough, (dublin.anglican.org), and part of the Anglican Communion which is a world-wide family churches with a shared understanding of sacraments and ministry.

The Parish of Booterstown and Carysfort borders the east side of the N11 (better known as the Stillorgan Dual Carriage-way) and goes down to the coast, and includes the village of Blackrock.   The parish church for Booterstown and Carysfort is dedicated to Saint Philip and Saint James and is situated on Cross Avenue between Booterstown and Blackrock.

Mount Merrion Parish runs along west side of the N11 and includes UCD campus in its area.  Saint Thomas’s Church is the little church at the bottom of Fosters Avenue, and is well-known for its catchy signs – Wayside Pulpit – which we hope will inspire people as they pass by.

Since 1994, the two parishes have been grouped together with one Rector looking after both.  Our current rector is the Rev. Canon Gillian Wharton and she has been Rector of both parishes since October 2004.

In addition to the two parishes, the Rector also provides chaplaincy care to the Blackrock Clinic and the Blackrock Hospice, both of which are situated in our parishes.

Rector – The Rev. Canon Gillian Wharton


Select Vestries

The fabric, furnishings and finance of each parish are looked after by their respective Select Vestry, each of which consists of parishioners who are either elected or appointed, at the Easter General Vestry, for a year’s term of office.  Each Select Vestry elects a Treasurer and a Secretary.


Booterstown and Carysfort Select Vestry 2021-2022

Rector’s Churchwarden: June Burgess

People’s Churchwarden: Marcus Daly

Rector’s Glebewarden: Gordon Richards

People’s Glebewarden: Michael Hayes


Select Vestry (in addition to the above wardens): Viola Brady, Natalie Driver-Keeley, Cecilia Faulim Quadros, Deirdre Kennedy, Jill Lacey, Stephanie Morris, Damian Phelan, Barbara Plant, David Reid (Honorary Secretary), Denise Richards, Quentin Teggin (Honorary Treasurer).


Mount Merrion Select Vestry 2021-2022

Rector’s Churchwarden: Patricia Bedlow

People’s Churchwarden: Sheila Chamberlain

People’s Glebewarden: Denis Beare


Select Vestry (in addition to the above wardens):  Judith Donlon, Aideen Hartney (Honorary Secretary), Cedric Heather, John Hudson, Alan McGurdy, Michael McWilliam, Myrtle McWiliam, Ian Mullen (Honorary Treasurer), William Robertson, Hilary Turner, Clair Wallace.


Other Church Office Holders

Every three years, the respective Easter General Vestries elect Diocesan Synodpersons to represent the parishes at Diocesan Synod, and Parochial Nominators whose responsibility it is to choose a new Incumbent (Rector) should the need arise.

The following were elected in 2020 to serve for three years (up to the Easter General Vestry of 2023).


Parochial Nominators:

Booterstown and Carysfort— Quentin Teggin and June Burgess

Mount Merrion— Denis Beare and Sheila Chamberlain


Supplemental Parochial Nominators:

Booterstown and Carysfort— Michael Hayes and Barbara Plant

Mount Merrion— Ian Mullen and Joan Sherlock-Robertson



Diocesan Synodspersons:

Booterstown and Carysfort— Stephanie Morris and Marcus Daly

Mount Merrion— Clair Wallace


Supplemental Diocesan Synodspersons:

Booterstown and Carysfort— David Reid and Deirdre Kennedy

Mount Merrion— William Robertson