Adult Confirmation

For the past few years, we have had a number of adults being confirmed or whom have re-affirmed their Confirmation promises.   Some had opted out of confirmation at the time when they might have been expected to be confirmed and when their friends were being confirmed; some just never got around to it.  Those who re-affirmed their confirmation vows had been confirmed previously in another Christian denomination but had now become part of the Church of Ireland, and felt that this was something that they wanted to do.


 The preparation for this is done separately to the preparation for  the teenage candidates.  Already, two men and one woman have enquired about the possibility of being confirmed.   A lot of what is on page 15 applies here too!   This is your chance to explore, to ask all those questions you have wanted to ask, and to see if confirmation (or re-affirmation) at this time is right for you.  Please contact the Rector if you are thinking about this.