Autumn Fair

St Philip and St James’ Autumn Fair will take place on Saturday 24th September 2016.   There will be lots of great stalls and lots of fun, as well as Lunches and a BBQ, as well as a raffle.

This year, we are hoping to replace the heating system in St Philip and St James’ Church, and the Autumn Fair is a key fundraising effort for the new heating system. 

To say that the current heating system is ‘delicate’ and inefficient would be an understatement!   A blip with the thermostat meant that we had a very chilly experience at the Confirmation Service at the end of February!   Corroding pipes (which act as a heat source) and only four radiators, along with an elderly boiler, have been nurdled along for many years.

 The glebewardens have been visiting other churches who have recently installed new heating systems as well as engaging with the experts. So, the next project for St Philip and St James’ is HEAT THE CHURCH!