Carol Singing for Dublin SIMON

For many years, we have gone carol singing in aid of the Dublin SIMON Community until COVID put a stop to all of that. But this year, we are back! We will be carol singing in the Blackrock Village Shopping Centre (the one with SuperValu) on Friday 16th December 2022, 16.00-18.00. The plan is to do it in ‘relays’ with people singing up for a hour (or even thirty minutes!) as singing non-stop for two hours is rough on the voice!

It would be fantastic to get a HUGE response to this, and to do a little bit at Christmas for the homeless. This is one of those occasions where we are not asking for money –although of course, you may make a donation if you wish—we are asking you to give some time and some energy for others this Christmas.

Please put this in your diary.  Bring your children, friends, etc., etc., to make a fantastic and enthusiastic sound for others!  If you are concerned that your singing might not be wonderful, and you think that you cannot take part… no such excuse will be entertained!!!!! 
You can do an excellent job of holding—the Centre asks us not to rattle! – the collection boxes.

Carol Singing in aid of Dublin SIMON

Blackrock Village Shopping Centre

16.00—18.00 hours

Friday 16th December 2022