Events - 6 Feb 24

Date/Time Event Description
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Extraordinary General Vestry Meeting for Mount Merrion Parish
St Thomas’ Church, Mount Merrion Co. Dublin

To all connected with St Thomas’ Church and the Parish of Mount Merrion,

The little church on the corner is 150 years old in 2024 – but will it be there in 50 years’ time?

As we approach our 150th anniversary, St Thomas’s – often referred to as the little church on the corner – is literally at a cross-roads. We all know how busy life has become, and we recognise what a big impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on how people engage with church services and activities.

We also know how loved St Thomas’s is, and what an important role it plays in the lives of the parishioners of Mount Merrion, but also all those who pass our Wayside Pulpit and our landmark building on a daily basis.

You may not always be aware of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure our little church continues to be open, safe and welcoming to all who wish to visit.  Building and sustaining the community within our parish also requires ongoing and rewarding work. More and more, however, this work is falling on the shoulders of a few people, and this is not sustainable.  To be candid, if more people do not get involved in the life of the little church on the corner, its future is in jeopardy.

The 150th Anniversary of the consecration of St Thomas’ Church is an opportunity for everyone to give some thought as to how they can be more involved in the life of the parish and the church. Maybe you have some time or some talents that you could offer. We need people with a willingness to support a wide range of activities, whether it is helping to keep the grounds of St Thomas’s in good order, advising on how best to manage the parish properties, organising innovative and fun fund-raising activities, arranging social gatherings, doing tea/coffee after worship, or supporting the Sunday Club. These, and many more, are the activities that keep our parish alive and have made it a cherished part of the South Dublin community over the last 150 years. 

At the beginning of a New Year, we are calling on everyone to play a part in ensuring we can continue into the next 150 years.  It is essential that people attend an Extraordinary Vestry Meeting which is being held in the church on Tuesday 6th February 2024 at 7.30pm. We need to see all our parishioners at this meeting so that we can have a realistic discussion about where our parish is going and get people more engaged in all that goes into sustaining the life of our parish community.  Without your input, St Thomas’s cannot survive in its current form.  But if each person was to get a little involved, it would make a huge difference to the parish community.  We are asking you to contribute some of your time, energy and talent to St Thomas’s as a 150th anniversary gift!!   And we look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Tuesday 6th February 2024 at 7.30pm in St Thomas’ Church.


Aideen Hartney                                                                       The Rev. Canon Gillian Wharton

Honorary Secretary                                                                 Rector

Mount Merrion Select Vestry