Logs for Sale!

A Cedar Lebannon Tree in front of the Rectory fell down in June 2021. It was chopped up and the logs have been residing on our patio for the last year! They are now beautifully seasoned and ready to be sold as firewood. We have empty 40kg coal bags and you can come and fill a bag (or bags!) with whatever sized-logs will suit your fire or wood-burning stove. The cost is €10 per bag. The proceeds will go some way towards defraying the cost of the tree surgery that was required to deal with the fallen tree. Please note that we can only accept cash – we do not have debit or credit card facilities!!!

You and your cash – we have the coal bags! – would be very welcome at the following times:

Tuesday 16 August 2022 – 19.00-20.30 hours
Wednesday 17 August 2022 – 19.00-20.30 hours

Further dates and times will be advised (unless we are sold-out!!).