Parochial Clergy

The Representative Body of the Church of Ireland, in whom copyright is vested, has been kind enough to supply the writer with the Clerical Succession List for our Parish of Booterstown and, with their permission it is herewith reproduced.

[The Representative Church Body has kindly agreed to extend the permission for use on this web site – Webmaster]


1824 James BULWER 1832 Robert Herbert NIXON
1825 Anthony SILLERY 1857 Beaver Henry BLACKER


1874 John LOMBARD 1916 Thomas Arnold HARVEY
1892 Thomas Sterling BERRY 1933 Ernest Maunsell BATEMAN
1913 Gilbert MAHAFFEY 1965 David James Osborne BARR

With the help of the diocesan office, Robert Knaggs has updated the list:

1992 Paul Moore WILLOUGHBY 2000 Kenneth Arthur Lambert BARRETT
1995 Stephen Bernard FORDE 2004 Gillian Vera WHARTON


1867 Alured Henry ALCOCK 1916 George TOWNSEND
1872 John CARTER 1919 William Cecil DE PAULEY
1875 Thomas Edmund HACKETT 1920 Herbert Lombard EVES
1881 Samuel SANDYS 1925 William Walter JOHNSTON
1882 Robert Irvine FORD 1927 Richard Randall HARTFORD
1882 James Francis CAITHNESS   Gap in Curacy until
1885 Francis Hoffman BATTERSBY 1943 Thomas Francis BLENNERHASSET
1892 William Frederick FITZGERALD 1947 William Joseph SMALLHORNE
1893 William ANDERSON 1949 Ernest Arthur BRANDON
1894 James SMITH 1952 William Gerald DAVIS
1897 Walsingham Collins GOOD 1956 Richard Henry BERTRAM
1905 Samuel HUTCHINSON 1957 Ernest Cope Todd PERDUE
1913 William Frederick CROSTWAITH *1961 Samuel Derek HAMILTON

*(Since the latter’s appointment as Rector in Kilmore Diocese, no further curates have been working in Booterstown.)

This is the point at which the dedicated service of two lay readers must be noted.


and the Church of Ireland, in future years will rely heavily on men and women of their calibre and ability.

There is one clergyman in this Succession List who remains somewhat of a “mystery man”. Rev. George Williams who assisted Rev. Robert Nixon in the years 1850-1855, yet does not appear in the “official list”.

The beautiful winged eagle lectern in St. Philip’s and St. James’s records his memory thus:


Que in hoc Ecc1esia ministravit


Lecterium hac dedicavit

Ecclesia SS Philippi et Jacobi

Booterstown, 1898.

(Note the sturdy wooden plinth on which the lectern stands – made by Glascott Symes (Senior) of this Parish.)