Pink Ladies’ Night

In October 2017, some of the mums of Booterstown National School organised a fundraiser for #cupsagainstcancer# in support of the mums from the school who were undergoing cancer treatment.   They raised over €9,000 but what was phenomenal, was the support for each of them.

Nicola Walker and I talked about it and how important that support, solidarity and camaraderie was and is, and we were also aware that there were others who may be affected by cancer themselves or within their circle of family and friends, or who may need support in other ways.    We talked about how that support, solidarity and camaraderie could be continued and fostered.

Many of you will recall ‘The Young Mums’ Group that was in the parishes a number of years ago, and which fizzled out about 12 years ago.  That group used to meet on an adhoc basis for a pizza, a video and a glass of wine, an outing to the cinema, theatre, etc.

So, fusing the two ideas together and conscious that there are lots of different things going on for people that they need support with, and conscious that not everyone is a mum, we thought of calling the group Pink Ladies!  We thought that calling it Pink Ladies sounded fun (as per the Pink Ladies of the movie Grease!) but would also connect us back to the origins of the idea… supporting women with cancer… but this is for everyone… not just for those who have been affected by cancer themselves or within their family… this is for all…

Our first gathering is on

Friday 16 November 2018 in

The Mellow Fig for a movie night…

€22 per person to include food, popcorn and movie.

Bring your own drinks/wine/beer.

Doors open at 6.30pm.  Movie to start no later than 7.30pm.

Limited to 35 people.

You cannot book through The Mellow Fig… they only do private movie nights and do not take individuals’ reservations.

I have a feeling that this could be oversubscribed, so to be fair to everyone…

the first 35 people who book by giving me their name and their €22, are in!


There is a choice of movie… Abba – Mamma Mia (the first one!) or Grease.


Let me know your choice when booking!