Some thirteen years ago – in 1971 – the writer produced a small booklet commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the foundation – in May 1821 – of Booterstown Parish.  Much has happened in the intervening years; the baby of 1971 is now a teenager, the teenager of 1971 well into twenties (even thirties!).  And, alas, many devoted and loyal parishioners of 1971 who “once rejoiced with us here” have passed to their reward on another shore.

A glance around the congregation on a typical Sunday in 1984 will show many new faces, young and old, to those of 1971, and it has been suggested that a revised edition of our Parochial History would be timely in this our 163rd Anniversary.

The writer lays no claim to be a historian, but has enjoyed delving into the past of our church and parish, where he and his family have lived and worshipped for a period of 27 years.  By God’s grace, Booterstown and Carysfort, with its fine church of St. Philip and St. James, flourishes as vitally as ever – a thriving unit in a thriving Church of Ireland.

In the following pages let us share its long and interesting story together.


January 1984