Raise the Rest of the Roof

Last year – Spring 2012 – we re-roofed the nave (the main body of the church) of St Philip and St James’ Church; the work had become urgent so we had to go ahead do that work before we had sufficient funds to be able to do the entire roof. Now, we need to complete the project, and that means re-roofing the chancel and the transepts. As part of our Raise the (rest of the) Roof campaign, we are running a raffle which will be drawn at the Autumn Fair. We are sending two books of raffle tickets to every household in the parishes, and asking if you would sell them, and return the money and the counter-foils to the Parish Office before Wednesday 9th October 2013.

However, we do not want anyone to feel under pressure to buy or sell the tickets, and we realise that some people do not wish to sell or buy raffle tickets. If that is the case, please return the tickets as soon as possible to the Parish Office as soon as possible so that they may be sold elsewhere. thank you for your help.