Sponsor a Chair in St Philip and St James’ Church

Sponsor a Chair
St Philip and St James’ Church

In removing the pews from the east end of the nave and from some of both transepts, our desire was not to remove seating but to have seating that was more flexible, which could be arranged in a variety of ways and which would also facilitate those who are wheelchair users to be able to sit with the family and friends in the midst of the congregation rather than sitting in the aisle. The Select Vestry has been in discussions with Irish Contract Seating who are based in Dromod in County Leitrim—they are the same company that made the new Communion Table or Altar and the ’wedding chairs’ in St Thomas’ Church. Out of three samples, the Select Vestry has chosen the one called the Christ Church Chair and it is photographed here. The plan (and indeed, the advice from Irish Contract Seating) is to have the wood of the chair the same colour as the pews and the upholstery the same colour as the pew runners. The logo that will be carved on the back-rest is our parish logo without the lettering. There will be a provision for a small brass plaque on the top of the back-rest, to facilitate an engraving if someone would like to donate a chair in memory of someone or as a gift to the church. The cost of a chair is €275 (including the brass plaque and engraving). If you would like more information about donating or sponsoring a chair, please contact the Honorary Treasurer, Quentin Teggin at qteggin@gmail.com or the Rector. Irish Contract Seating are lending us forty chairs until we take delivery of the bespoke chairs in the middle of 2023.

Photos of the sample chair and the logo are in the attached document.

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