Sponsored Walk

Well done and thank you to those who did the sponsored walk yesterday. Some did part of the walk, whilst others completed the walk and attended Evensong in St Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday afternoon. Thank you very much to those to came to Evensong and gave us a lift home!

The walk was in aid of three projects:

  1. St Patrick’s Catheral Roof
  2. Fire Compliance Works in the Monk Gibbon Hall ( St Thomas’ Parish Hall)
  3. Fire Complaince Works in St Philip and St James’ Parish Centre

It was a lovely walk (6km) with lots of chat along the way! We set off at 12.30 from St Thomas’ Church and stopped in St Stephen’s Green for a picnic lunch at 13.45. There was then a short interlude with a detour to Grafton Street for a take-away coffee or an ice cream, or a peek in a book shop(!) before making our way to St Patrick’s Cathedral where we were met by our Car Lift People for Evensong at 15.15. At the beginning of the Service, we were welcomed by the Dean’s Vicar, Canon Charles Mullen.


Meriel Armstrong, Patricia Bedlow, Viola Brady, June Burgess, Sheila Chamberlain, Suzanne Harris, Deirdre Kennedy, Dell Lundy, Damian Phelan, Nicky Phelan, Matthew Phelan, Denise Richards, Gordon Richards and Gillian Wharton.

Car Lifts:

Tony and Joy Hurst, Barbara Plant, John McDonnell, Terence Wolfe-Flanagan.

I received the following email from the Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral, the Very Rev. William Morton last night:

Dear Gillian,

Sincere thanks to you and your parishioners for embarking on your fund raising walk on Sunday in aid of the Roof Appeal of Saint Patrick’s. I trust that in so doing your fire compliance costs will also benefit as well. It is so kind of you all. I just wanted to let you know that it is deeply appreciated. Please convey my deepest thanks to all concerned.

Very best wishes to you, William

May I now ask people to return their sponsorship cards and money to me as soon as possible, please?

Well done and thank you!