St. Andrew’s College

In the life of a Parish some events can surely be described as welcome ones, none more so than the decision to move St. Andrew’s College from Clyde Road to its present beautiful setting looking out over Dublin Bay to Howth.  And, in so moving, to give an injection of youth to Booterstown Parish, where the blue blazer is now a familiar feature at Sunday worship.

It gives the writer of this parochial history particular pleasure, as a former pupil of St. Andrew’s himself, to say to the boys and girls of the College from all parts of Ireland or overseas “You are welcome to this beautiful Church.  You are part of its history now.

When you eventually leave St. Andrew’s and scatter, probably world wide, you will have been a link in that chain which is the story of Booterstown Parish for 163 years, and it is sincerely hoped that your memories of it will be pleasant ones all your lives.”