Thank You! Fantastic Autumn Fair!

Dear all,

Thank you for all your hard work and your support of the Autumn Fair on Saturday. The figure is currently heading towards €14,000 which is amazing!

That figure only tells us how much was raised – it doesn’t reflect the feel-good factors that were THE amazing part of the Autumn Fair.

It doesn’t reflect the fun that the children had at the Games and the Face Painting; it doesn’t reflect the deliciousness and enjoyment of the Smoothies, the Ice Cream, the BBQ, the Lunches; it doesn’t reflect the craic and camaraderie, the buzz and the fantastic atmosphere; it doesn’t reflect the amount of unseen effort and work that went into it, such as getting and putting up bunting and signs, hoofing tables from St Thomas’ Church Hall, St Brigid’s Church Hall and St Andrew’s Church Hall, etc.

The real joy of the Autumn Fair was the number of people working together; the delight at people being able to gather together and enjoy each other’s company in wonderful weather and to have lots of fun and craic!!!

Well done everyone and thank you!